As there are too many ideas in your films …

… they are too valuable to gather dust in the farthest corner of a storeroom or storage medium. With a growing stock of films, it is increasingly more difficult to keep track of them and to find old films or certain scenes.

With NEWCOM.Plus you will unleash the full power of your moving images and set your film archive in scene again.


The advantages for agencies:

Show reel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much worth is your complete film archive? Show your customers, interested parties and new staff members what you are able to do. No matter where you are. A computer with access to the internet is sufficient and you can enjoy all your films.


Customer download centre

„Please send us the film again with the woman at the bar which we produced six years ago. You know which one I mean, don’t you?” Well, no - but that is not important. Thanks to the intelligent search function, you can find the requested film quickly and easily; or, you provide your customer with access to the database. In this case he can look at the film directly through his browser in preview quality, and can then download the film in high resolution.


Source of inspiration

Innovation occurs when old features are combined or modified, and thus something new is created. And after all, good ideas are pinched best from yourself.

With NEWCOM.Plus, the film or the scene you have in mind is only an index search away. Immediately you can show your colleagues how you image a certain scene or you have yourself inspired by your earlier works - without having to search for them for ages.


Intelligent archiving

All your films in one location; accessible from everywhere at any time; without special software. You decide who has access with which rights. Finding film is easy, and rendering them available to others is done in a few clicks. And we can digitise your old films on top.


Easy distribution

Why don’t you outsource your films? We will deal with digitisation, administration, storage and the world-wide dispatch of copies in the requested format.

In this sense: lights, camera, action.