Find videos quickly instead of searching for a long time. We make your
media archive. Easier. Visible. Usable.



NEWCOM.Plus is the media asset management system which assists you in an ideal manner in the administration and allocation of your films. Together we define the demands on your film database. In this way you receive a tailor-made solution, with which you always have an eye on your films, can access them from everywhere at any time and can share them comfortably with others.

Your films are recorded and saved at a central location, are provided with indexes and are digitised immediately, if and when requested. Wasting time in researching, unsorted data pools and forgotten films will be a matter of the past, once and for all. People love films. Make sure that they are found.


NEWCOM.Plus – the advantages for your media archive at a glance:


icon 11. Search more intelligently and find faster
Even in case of large databases, the film you are looking for is only a keyword away. NEWCOM.Plus is the ideal solution for easy, efficient and user-friendly film search.


icon 22. Unlimited access – full control
All your films are in a central location. World-wide database access for authorised users through the internet; can be called up directly by the internet browser - no matter when and where. Allocation of different rights is possible.

icon 33. Your video store in your corporate design
Professionally draw the attention to your brand and unfold the full potential of your films, videos and animations.

icon 44. A solution as individual as your needs
On account of competent consultation, individual service and the modular software architecture of NEWCOM.Plus, our customers profit from the tailor-made solutions.

icon 55. Analogue or digital – we can provide all formats
We have the technical equipment to convert (almost) any file format into the target format you request.

icon 66. Copy and dispatch – first class and all inclusive
You want to provide a third party with a copy of a film. NEWCOME. will do this for you – whether by download or by dispatch of data carriers by postal service. We offer distribution logistics for world-wide dispatch including all customs formalities, electronic proof of delivery and invoicing.